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Make sure your investment property is compliant by purchasing a BYB Minimum Standards report

What is required in Victoria to make my property compliant?

There are a number of non-negotiable safety-related activities and rental minimum standards that a Rental Provider must now abide by in Victoria (refer here for more). A number of standards have different requirements relating to frequency of inspection.

What does a BYB Minimum Standards report look for?

Our panel of inspectors will refer to the rental minimum standards when assessing the property for structural soundness and being weatherproof, rising damp, locks, bins, toilets, parts of the bathroom facility requirements, kitchen and laundry facilities, windows and window coverings, lighting, ventilation and heat. This inspection will also include the swimming pool barrier as part of a safety-related activity. A BYB Minimum Standards report will provide a summary of compliant and non-compliant items for you and your property manager to assess.

Does a BYB Minimum Standards report cover everything?

No. Our inspectors’ reports will cover the majority of the requirements by number, however Rental Providers will still need a professional to check the electrical, gas and smoke alarm requirements. Your property manager will be able to cover the remaining requirements.

What does a BYB Minimum Standards report cost?

The cost of a report is $449 for a house and $399 for a unit, which includes a building inspection as part of the report.

Do I have to fix every issue identified?

No. You need to address the items that help you reach the rental minimum standards, which will be marked in your report and in the adjoining compliance checklist. For other issues identified, you can assess the impact on your property and fix only if and when you wish to.

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